We improve sales – with an effective design of the handouts.

VKF Werbemittel Marktkauf
Handzettel Marktkauf
Blickverlaufsanalyse Handzettel Marktkauf

An acquired taste. EDEKA is the largest food retailer in Germany. For the EDEKA distribution line Marktkauf in the regions of North Bavaria, Saxony, and Thuringia, we have optimized the most important VKF advertising medium – the handouts. And for this, we proceeded very methodically: first we analyzed the brand and the existing communication, then conducted an intensive survey of the customers. Based on the insights gained, we have developed the new design of the handouts – and put a clear focus on the price. The new design was then tested by a look-and-feel study – with very positive results. But also the subsequent sales success is proof. Today, we are responsible for the development and implementation of all VKF measures for market purchases.

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