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Marktkauf by Edeka now part of the VIGNOLD portfolio

And the winner is: VIGNOLD! We successfully pitched against two competitors to become the lead agency for the Marktkauf (“Market purchase”) distribution line from EDEKA’s North Bavaria-Saxony-Thuringia region, and we were particularly pleased with the assessment given by the marketing managers.

“I have rarely experienced such a well prepared convincing presentation. From the offset-printed handouts through to your own set of cables, you really have thought of everything.”

Our presentation featured the conceptual and creative revisions to a flyer, with a new, cleaned up and reduced layout with a particularly impressive focus on products and prices. Another positive factor was our extensive retail experience, combined with our accurate knowledge of the technology that the customer uses and our expertise in weekly commercial advertising.


The first results of the brand’s design relaunch will become apparent in early 2017. Until then, we are working on an extensive package of activities, as  VIGNOLD will be responsible for the production of the weekly flyer, maintaining the web content of the regional sub-site, and developing sales promotion measures and regional campaigns. In parallel, we will be developing a concept of how the Marktkauf brand can be positioned in order to improve its standing as an independent entity within the three lines of business.

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