Sure, there are people who know everything; or at least, those who say they do. At Vignold, you will not find such people, however. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’re fully aware that the world turns so fast that one could just simply stand still. With us, training plays a major role. And this is where our corporate academy comes into play.

The Vignold academy is an internal facility for education and training. Its purpose is to prepare for the job (training). Internal training courses, training courses from external lecturers, spontaneous workshops (training programs) and regular courses (e.g. Business English) take place here.

Many lectures and seminars are available on a voluntary basis for our employees. But when it comes to job-related things, such as to the learning of newly implemented software, the participation of affected colleagues is a matter of course.

We also offer seminars that are specifically tailored to specific positions within the company. Skills and knowledge relevant for the new position are taught here. Moreover, there are tutorials for various soft skills topics and industry-related general knowledge topics.

But it’s not only our academy’s content and lecturers that are highly professional. The rooms and equipment also meet such high standards. All the workshops for which you need a computer support take place in a special training room equipped with high-quality tools.

And whoever wants to read or do some research can simply borrow the relevant books from our academy library. Or access our video tutorial platforms to go deeper into certain learning content.

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