Cross-media publishing based on a healthy database

Whether it’s for a web shop, mobile app, catalogue, price lists, data sheets, advertising leaflets, flyers or brochures: A complete and centrally-administered product database allows you to efficiently fill your marketing channels in a time-efficient manner. A product information management system (PIM) is suitable for managing such data. In this way image data and merchandise management can be combined and enriched with marketing texts. This ist especially helpful when language or regional variants come into play.

A PIM allows you to prevent redundant, inconsistent data storage in your company. With this you create a single source of truth for supplying all channels such as web shop, social media, POS and print.

In addition, VIGNOLD helps you analyze your omnichannel communication needs and set the process groundwork for data-supported export. This ensures you competitive advantages through shorter time to market.


  • makes your data more useful by using it online, digitally and in print
  • decreases time to market for your product information
  • enables you to conduct efficient omnichannel communication
  • helps you centrally manage all your product information for all channels and avoid expensive mistakes
  • is your point of contact for fully and semi-automated database publishing


We save you money, time, and effort. For recurrent processes, draw on professional support – our systems can help you handle your daily business smoothly and efficiently.

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