We bring order to your assets

In the digital world, the number of required assets (data) that companies need to provide to their touchpoints is increasing rapidly.

For its internal processes, VIGNOLD uses modern data management in its digital asset management and uses this solution to offer its customers direct access to the data created. This web-based tool allows for global access to the provided data – depending on access rights. Enriched with buzzwords and categorizations (metadata), VIGNOLD makes it more efficient for all project participants to search for, administer, and share these assets. Licensing problems or outdated image materials are just as much a thing of the past as redundant data storage in divided data silos.

As an integration partner of Picturepark’s asset management system, VIGNOLD also helps you introduce your own, company-wide asset management system as an in-house installation at your company or in the cloud. Get in touch.


  • enables company-wide access to a central and up-to-date database of each individual asset
  • significantly reduces your customers’ and employees’ search times when looking for necessary data
  • creates transparency and security when providing data
  • offers complete access control through individual user and rights profiles
  • allows for files to be organized per modern metadata logic



We save you money, time, and effort. For recurrent processes, draw on professional support – our systems can help you handle your daily business smoothly and efficiently.

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