Intelligent Print

We accelerate your print production

VIGNOLD ensures printing without waste coverage. In turn, this guarantees that the printed media remains relevant even in a modern omnichannel strategy. Processes are clearly structured, content is provided and intelligently designated to the right target groups. All stakeholders have access to this content at all times and can work on it without losing track of the process.


  • Makes customer targeting more precise
  • Improves the personalization of numerous touchpoints
  • Reduces waste coverage
  • Has comprehensive expertise in print production
  • Integrates market-leading software tools (see Publishing Systems)
  • Saves you time in day-to-day operations
  • Achieves an intuitive customer journey with a higher conversion rate
regina spicks hoeffken

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Regina Spicks-Höffken

Managing Director

+49 2102 944-619


We develop a presence for your products that is visible. Use our strategy and creative output to drive the success of your campaign.

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