Connected PoS

We will create the best omnichannel solution for your PoS

VIGNOLD can find the optimal use of technology for you. Instead of having to keep track of the trends all the time, you can simply rely on us to know what the best omnichannel solution is in your case. Changing shopping experiences lead to changing customer needs, which we come across through new PoS approaches.


  • Implements signage applications, seller apps, and other modern omnichannel solutions
  • Links the physical PoS with the Online Shop, e.g. through Click&Collect applications, interactive kiosks or app-based customer service
  • Enables PoS retargeting through sensor technology
  • Has comprehensive experience in designing, building and operating video walls and the management of localized, customized content


We develop a presence for your products that is visible. Use our strategy and creative output to drive the success of your campaign.

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